18 March ’19 – THREE week delivery on orders. 

Please refer to minifigDisplays.com.au for the absolute latest info 🙂

Everyone has hundreds of minifigs. Where do you put them? Where do you display them? If given the option, wouldn’t you love to display ALL of your minifigures in their rightful pride of place… at the front door entranceway, lounge or underground Construction Den?

woodPixel makes beautifully crafted minifigure display cabinets to cater for all tastes and budgets.

Minifig displays can be custom made to any reasonable size – either in width or number of shelves. Be sensible, they get heavy.

PAGE UPDATED – 16 figs wide x 10 shelves
This is for the 16×10 displays (16 figs by 10 shelves)…. There are options for 8×5, 8×10, 10×10 and any other that you might specially need.

I’ll update the various places soon, but here it goes:

Tassie Oak is smooth, slightly nutty light timber with beautiful grain, the occasional feature line and a rich colour spectrum within any two pieces.

Baltic pine is ultra slow grown Siberian sourced fine graded pine. It is nutty, smooth, has ultra fine radial growth rings and is on average 50+ years old. It is a beautiful timber.

MDF displays are painted using a premium undercoat and super flat oils in one of the LEGO base colours: white, red, green, yellow, blue, black.

Some notes!

As with all my work, it is unconditionally warranted against defects. Every product is a work of art and produced to perfection.

Delivery is about $15 to capitals.  These are very large and heavy, so if there is doubt, just email me 🙂

To order and discuss your customisation (or just order!) whack me an email –> contact@woodpixel.com.au or chat to me on Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/woodPixelstudio/ or mobile 0411 101091 (whatsApp)


On offer is a standard model with a capacity of 16 figures per shelf and 10 shelves. This offers fantastic bang for buck.

Also you can buy 4×4, 8×5, 8×8, 10×10 and 8×2.

All other combos are quickly made and dispatched. If an option is missing from the ordering – if you want something not listed, simply email me and I’ll provide good old-fashioned quick service, honest approach and rapid build.

On all minifig displays there are a few basic options:

1 – A full length strip of a “2 wide” baseboard
2 – Inserts to fit 2×4 base boards*
3 – A continuous slot so you can use any combination of base boards*

* use your own stash! 🙂


Each cabinets total size is next to the figure/shelf option.

This may be trivial and perhaps unimportant, but if the cabinet is to go into a tight space it becomes a consideration.

GLASS? No! Use Acrylic! (Perspex)

Each model can be made with or without provision for an acrylic (or Perspex) front. It is easily cleaned, safe for the kiddies and doesn’t require me to package it safely from the violence of couriers (or the vandals at Australia Post). Don’t use Windex to clean acrylic! Use a special acrylic spray, its cost about $10 for a lifetimes use.


If you want a painted colour, your display will be made with the best quality Moisture Resistant kitchen grade MDF.  Each display cabinet comes either painted or unpainted. Basic LEGO colour schemes are catered for – black, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

All painted cabinets are “clear” pine/MDF with a 3mm MDF backer.

This MDF isn’t your “big box hardware store” crap. This is the Posh Mosman Snob Wants The Best stuff. It is consistent, not furry, sands beautifully, is strong and won’t turn to weetbix on a humid day.

If you would like to paint you own (or have the kids do it!!!!) then I can supply it raw, or pre-sealed and undercoated.


Also available are full options of real timbers – oak, merbau, blackwood, celery top, myrtle, red gum, blackbutt, rose gum, hoop pine, jarrah and Karri. There are 40 more available. (I can even use your own tree from the back yard if you ship the log to me!  I’ll dry it out….)

Real timber cabinets are outstanding in quality and beauty.

If you’re looking for a stand out ultra quality display for your minifigs, real wood will add a very posh element to your household. They are a real talking point.

All Real Timber ™ minifigure displays are made with real dovetails. These are precision hand cut and laid out. They are always absolutely perfect and will take your cabinet from “yeah, not-bad” to “fuckin-wow!”. People will gasp at your awesome taste and obvious brilliance in choosing such an illustrious finish. Your kudos will increase and your friends will envy you.


All cabinets are provided assembled. Shelves are packed within the main cabinet for shipping. Shipping is calculated for each delivery using EGO couriers – from whom I receive enormous discounts. For most capital cities and proximities it is only $15. Just ask for a quick quote by giving me your postcode.


Unless you are a billionaire, you will find postage of a 100cm x 80cm cabinet that weighs 7kg a tad expensive.

I will soon be offering complete plans for a good range of cabinets so you can DIY or take it to a woodworking buddy to make.

SO, WHEN DO I GET IT!!!!!!!!

Orders are usually shipped within 3-6 weeks.

I work on a first come, first served basis to ensure fairness.

After the order is placed, I will confirm the build status with you. If you are interested, I provide an update of the build and a few photos (yes, people do ask for these. LEGO fans are a sick bunch).

It will then be sent via tracked courier.

When it’s mounted, I love to receive action shots! Email them to me!


Do I really need to explain this? I am not Lego. This is not Lego or a Lego product. I don’t represent Lego. Lego do not endorse me in any way shape or form. This is not intended to be anything other than a customised woodworking product for Lego enthusiasts BY a Lego enthusiast.

The only bone of contention might be the ultra long ABS injected 2-wide button strips I make for the cabinets. THESE ARE NOT LEGO. They are only designed for minifigures to plug onto. They are blank underneath other than injection moulding marks, bracing and out gassing designs.

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