Yes. Yes Neo, you do.

But there is a waiting list.

Made with 18mm MDF for the body, rich Victorian Oak for the drawer, perfectly dovetailed together, push-click opening, with removable magnetic knobs for easy stacking, these things are the ULTIMATE in bedroom cool. Painted in any of the standard 20 colours with high impact, super glossy oil paints.

(Hint, get on the list. There are ALWAYS 20+ people on it. They are made in batches on a 3 monthly cycle.)


Do I really need to explain this? I am not Lego. This is not Lego or a Lego product. I don’t represent Lego. Lego do not endorse me in any way shape or form. This is not intended to be anything other than a customised woodworking product for Lego enthusiasts BY a Lego enthusiast.

The only bone of contention might be the ultra long ABS injected 2-wide button strips I make for the cabinets. THESE ARE NOT LEGO. They are only designed for minifigures to plug onto. They are blank underneath other than injection moulding marks, bracing and out-gassing designs.

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