dolls houses

These beautiful dolls houses are available in two designs.

The first is a roofed open dolls house with a 45-degree pitched and a fitted backing board.

The second is a shadow box, nice and rectangular with a removable backing board.

Featuring perfect mathematical dimensionality, removable backs, smooth fronts and perfectly interlocking single-piece construction of the staves, these dolls houses are built to be kept as family heirlooms and multi-generational hand-me-downs.

The backing piece is removable so the individual panels may be lined with wallpaper. Use old fashioned or highly decorative New Old Stock wallpapers or your own hand painted designs to bring the whole dolls house to life!

Both the dolls house and shadow box are available in hardwoods, pine and MDF; finished in nitrocellulose, unpainted, or partly finished in undercoat… or painted in acrylics or oils.