Like what you see but something just isn’t quite right with the design or do you have an awesome original idea and you think we are the ones that can bring it to life?

We offer the ability for you to choose what materials, design and specifications YOU want for any product. Choose from dozens of different timbers, linings, hinges, latches, sizes, joints, finishes and just about everything else.

For original ideas, send us an email and we will run you through the design process and make sure you get exactly what you want.

(We do suggest that you collect images, sketches, colour pallets and inspiration for your project and send them along with your email. It will help us get a more concise understanding of what is you have envisioned. Basically, less tedious constant back and forth emails about small things and clearing up misunderstanding. As a bonus it will help us get through the design phase faster so we can begin production quicker! )

I dare you, try find something made of wood that we can’t make. I’ll wait…

Your item will be absolutely unique, specially tailored to meet your exacting needs and finished in the manner you wish.

Orders are usually shipped within 3-6 weeks.

Have another idea or customisation request? Want to buy one or have some questions? Send us an email! – here

or fill in the form below!

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