Custom Gaming Boxes

So, you want to make your own custom game box huh? Perhaps you liked what you saw but the colours weren’t quite right or the dimensions don’t quite fit your needs? Maybe you wanted a different type of joint, hinge or inner lining? Or even more dastardly, maybe you have a completely new idea that you’ve been cooking up in your mind and you’re just looking for some mad genius who is willing to bring your idea to life?

All of these things we can do… *well timed crack of lightning*

The choices you have

Description about timbers.
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Keep in mind that timbers are a natural resource and is subject to availability. We don't want people chopping down forests just because you want a dice box.
Description about linings.
Description about finish.
Description about joints.

Specialty Made Boxes

Need a box that holds something we haven’t thought about or some special treasure? We can help you out. Let us know what it is and we can walk you through the process and build you something that will keep it secret and keep it safe.

Here are some examples of other projects that are similar and can give you an idea of what we can do.