Perhaps you liked what you saw but the colours weren’t quite right or the dimensions don’t quite fit your needs? Maybe you wanted a different type of joint, hinge or inner lining?

OrĀ  perhaps something even more dastardly, maybe you have a completely new idea that you’ve been cooking up in your mind and you’re just looking for some mad genius who is willing to bring your idea to life?

All of these things we can do… *well timed crack of lightning*

We have some examples of a deck box and a dice box that we have made:

Deck Box or Dice Box

Some of the choices you have (There are more):

Size – Tell us what size, type, shape or quantity of cards you want protected and we’ll build something unique and perfectly suited to it..

Timber – We have a wide range of timbers available for use and are happy to get something specific if you want it (can be expensive). Send us an email we’ll let you know what we have.

Inlay – We have choices of a range of colours and types of inlays available. both synthetic and real.


Orders are usually shipped within 3-6 weeks.

Have another idea or customisation request? Want to buy one or have some questions? Send us an email! – here

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