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Spending your hard earned digital cash couldn’t be easier!

Everything is made on commision (i.e. I take requests) or are available in short runs.

Everything typically is ready within 3 weeks.

Everything is perfect (awesome!)… before it is released.

Order via email! If something is available, it is sold via my ETSY store here:


The build

My work style is a very deliberate process, ensuring everything is 100% thought through, designed and the entire making process carefully considered.

Typically items are sent via or couriers. They are online, with tracking and they are very cheap.  Cheap is good. It stops you thinking about delivery as a total of the price… e.g. when you shop on Ebay, you add the cost of the post to the item and it becomes “expensive”.  Therefore, lets avoid that part as much as robotically possible 🙂

Now, to process! (my favourite!)

Some clients must be infuriated by it, but I’m straight up front about it, especially the kids stores, the Etsy sellers and the market sellers. I typically ship within 3 weeks. They often hit me with an order Friday and the next sentence is “when can it be delivered?” I.e. can you start right now and ship Monday…… Well, no. I CAN, but I won’t… historically there have been clients that will try to push others out of the way. This focus feels wrong to me. Fast is good, but fast without understanding is bad.

Fast means mistakes.  Mistakes loose fingers.

Everything I make I need to deeply understand. Every step of the making process is visualised, stepped-though in the mind. I imagine each move, each machine, each change of tool…. So before I even start making a thing, it has already been made three times in my head. Until I get this right I won’t proceed.

Everything is designed in Sketchup. This lets me think about how each piece is machined.

The optimised process is “zen” –  with minimum movements (and machining). It makes for unerringly exact making.

Clients receive a finished job and they simply cannot believe the quality.  It’s no harder, but simply thought out well.  EVERY woodworker I’ve ever met doesn’t do this.  Good woodworking is exactly like most martial arts training – 80% is in the mind – like Neo!  You know the fight is won before the first punch is thrown (or dodge a bullet)

Hope this helps you understand me 🙂