woodPixel, is a high tech startup focusing on pushing the envelope of both the finest traditional woodwork and high tech wizardry.

woodPixel is a deliberately small studio focused on producing the finest quality wooden boxes, children’s furniture and one-off (bespoke) wooden items for the home, shop or market stall.

The whole premise is to incorporate modern IT into an ancient occupation ==> ¬†wood –> pixel

LED’s, UV reactive coatings, silicone, computing, cyberpunk, manga/otaku, gamer art, cosplay… steampunk…. I do it all.

Everything is pre-designed in Sketchup and 3DStudio Max, prototypes burped out via CNC, wood samples made with equipment that can obtain repeatable tolerances of 1/20th of a millimetre and finishes that shine like the sun….

I enjoy making all manner of wooden items from highly decorated and finely crafted wooden boxes, display boxes, jewellery boxes and LEGO display cabinets right through to (cheap!) items for your market stall, ETSY store or retail outlet.


Some recent Jobs
  • wooden boxes –¬†fine marquetry – inlay – custom presentation boxes of walnut
  • kids furniture – novel toys – game art – otaku
  • lathe turning – spindle and bowls – segmented bowls
  • leather work – fine boxes – jewellery presentation trays
  • kumiko, shoji and Japanese works – repairs and modifications
  • castles, rapunzel towers, volcanoes, mushrooms, studios and puppet stages, rocket ships
  • kinder push carts (2 styles), kids treasure boxes and keepsake boxes
  • Advent doll houses, crates, display cabinets, kids bedroom shelves and nightstands